MS-ICT Program Reflection


It seems like only a few weeks ago I was starting my first grad school class and nervous as I could ever be. I started my UW-Stout grad school experience in the fall of 2011 and in fifteen months I was able to graduate with my Master’s Degree in Information and Communication Technologies. As I look back on the experience as a whole I can’t help but think that I’m pretty lucky to have the opportunity to say that I have a graduate degree. I decided to pursue my degree in late June of 2011 and the program director Steve Schlough was so very accommodating as he walked me through the whole admissions process and made sure I had everything I needed to begin classes that next fall semester. The whole graduate school was very helpful through my whole graduate program experience. Every time I needed to sit down and meet with any of the instructors, program director, or graduate school personnel; I was able to do so within a few hours of making contact.

I chose to pursue my technical emphasis in graphical and print media production. I chose this emphasis due to the fact that my main profession is high school technology education teacher and one of my main courses was photography. The emphasis I chose allowed me to take several informative classes in the art of photography and design. I was able to spend many hours in the photography studios perfecting my skills within the studios and learning dynamic lighting techniques. I was also able to study how to setup an advertising style photo-shoot focusing on several different retail products. Not only was I able to work on my studio skills, but I was also able to take my skills out-of-doors and spend several days taking pictures of mother nature in her glory. I traveled across the country to take pictures in Mount Rainier National Park where I was able to hike around the mountain side and take tons of different scenic pictures. I never though in my wildest dreams that I would be able to get college credits taking pictures; a passion I have had since I was a little child with a Polaroid camera. The photography professors I worked with were more accommodating that I ever could have asked. Peter Galante and Pete Schlosser were very inspirational in each of their respective courses and technical expertise. As I transition back into the world of being an educator I try to model my own teaching style after both of my photo professors and I try to inspire my students in much the same ways I was inspired by Galante and Schlosser. I’m not sure of any other program in the Midwest that would be able to facilitate a graduate study experience such as the one I had and for that I’m very appreciative of each and every one of my graduate school faculty members.


My Deepest Regards and Admirations,                                                                                                 

John Maresh