VIsual Communications Emphasis

Develop an understanding of new resources that can help ease of use for students in computer centralized courses.

  • Through this presentaion for ICT Essentials ICT 503, I was able to identify new resources that could be developed to help ease of use for students in computer oriented high school courses.
Artifact - Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked questions.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 1.6 MB
Self Assessment
Self Assesment Frequently Asked Question
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Develop multimedia works that can be used to improve design and layout skills.

  • This artifact came from the first Advertsing Campaign during PHOTO 511.  THe advertsing campaign was centered around a local micro brewery called Northwoods Brewery
Artifact - Northwoods Brewery Ads
Northwoods Brewery Ads.pdf
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Self Assessment
Self Assesment Northwoods Brewery.pdf
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Demonstrate expertise in digital photography techniques and computer editing with industry software.

  • This is a series of three advertising layouts I put together for my second ad campaign during Photo 511.  The product line I was advertising was Nivea for Men.
Self Assessment
Self Assesment Nivea for Men.pdf
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Develop a portfolio reflecting professional quality graphical media work.

  • This is a portfolio I put together at the completion of Photo 651.  The concept behind my portfolio was a simple How-To manual for photography concepts and ideas. 
Artifact - Product Photography Portfolio
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.8 MB
Self Assessment
Self Assesment Product Photography Portf
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  • I put this portfolio together to reflect my photos taken during my nature photography class.  I traveled to Mount Rainier Nation Park for the majority of the photo's.
Self Assessment
Self Assesment Nature Photography Portfo
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  • I designed this portfolio to display some of my photo-journalistic ability when it comes to taking sports photographs.  I photographed two high school cross country running teams at various meets through their seasons and I tried to capture the emotions that went along with their racing efforts.
Self Assesment Photo-Journalism.pdf
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Develop a personal interview to reflect similarities and differences in teaching styles & philosophy.

  • This is an interview of one of my colleagues who teaches at Rosemount High School in Minnesota.  We discussed many teaching characteristics we have in common. 
Artifact - Meida in Education
Interview of Ian Rabanus.pdf
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Self Assessment
Self Assesment Media in Education Interv
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