Program Cempetencies

Research and compare the uses of new technologies on E-Learning.

  • Through the completion of the research paper for ICT 701 ICT in Orgaizations, I was able to relate how Mobile devices will be affecting the future of E-Learning.
Artifact - Mobile Devices and E-Learning
Mobile Devices and e-Learning.docx
Microsoft Word Document 1.2 MB
Self Assessment
Self Assesment Mobiles.pdf
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Research possible new devices that can help improve the K12 education experience.

  • Through the completion of the research paper paper for MEDIA 710 Learning Technologies, I was able to investigate new technologies and how they will impact the future of the educational experience.
Artifact - Gesture-Based Computing
Gesture based computing.docx
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Self Assessment
Self Assesment-GBC.pdf
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Evaluate the use of ICT in my current teaching applications.

  • This artifact came from a book review I completed during ICT-702.  The book was framed around the idea that new technologies will redesign the locations from which students get their education and knowledge.
Artifact - Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology
Book Report #2.docx
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Self Assessment
Self-Assessment for Rethinking Education
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Produce education training module that can help deliver classroom content.

  • This is a computer based training module I put together for a simple car buying unit in a consumer auto class.  The module leads students through the process of buying a new or used automobile.
Artifact - Computer Based Training Module
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Self Assessment
Self Assesment Computer-based Training M
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Create a research based thesis proposal that studies the possible ways to increase elective high school course enrollment.

  • This document is a thesis proposal I worked on during my last semester in the MS-ICT prgram and it identifies how other high schools have increased their industrial technology enrollemnt and how I could survey my school to see what I changes I could make to our IT program.
Mareshj2006_Final Research Proposal.pdf
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Self Assesment Thesis Proposal.pdf
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